Thursday, March 24, 2011


In this technique for painting, electrical attraction is created between the paint and the part. Thus the overspray and wastage of paint is minimized. Here the salts like hygroscopic ionised salt solution are applied on the part so as to make it conductive. These solutions can be applied by various methods ranging from conveyorized dip to rotation of the part on spindles. The paint is then oppositely charged so that the electrical attraction is created. Then high voltage charge is placed on the paint particles and the part is earthed so that the paint that is normally be wasted as an overspray will wrap around the part and be attached to the sides and back. 100% paint utilization is sometimes claimed by some system.
It cannot be used where mask painting is required (it is usually more applicable where the entire surface is to be painted).
Application: ABS grills and other automotive parts having surfaces at many angles from the gun.
Caution: The solvent system should be formulated to have the proper polarity to wrap around the part and should be slow enough to prevent dry spray in deep recessed areas and on the rear of the part.

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