Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Any design that improves the part function should be considered.
Letterings in plastic product are required to include permanent detail or designs. These letterings may be raised or depressed on the plastic part.
Raised letters:
 This can be included by indenting the mirror image of desired letters/ designs in the mold. The mold surface should be highly finished to prevent any mold sticking. Also the letters should be checked periodically for any imperfections and some mold releasing agents should be applied.
Depressed letters:
This can be included by incorporating raised letters in the mold or post molding indentation. The raised letters can be incorporated in the mold by spark erosion or by assembling the required design on the mold surface. Both this methods involve higher cost for the part production due to the following reasons:
·         Increased mould fabrication cost.
·         Increased difficulties in part ejection.
·         Depressed letters either remove the material (reduce wall thickness and strength of part) or reduce the volume of the container.
Texturing in plastics means to display (create) effects on the plastic surface which simulates the fibrous structure of meat. Mould in or formed in textured surfaces on plastic can be obtained by variation in integral coloring methods.
Some decorative filler are added to the base resin at the compounding levels so as to produce such visual effects of wood, metallic finish etc.

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