Saturday, January 17, 2015


1.      Reinforced plastics
The term refers to the polymer products reinforced with fibrous reinforcements in the form of discrete fibers, fiber strands or woven or non woven fabrics.

2.      FRP or GRP: Fiber glass reinforced plastics
Earlier the term referred almost exclusively to the parts made with polyester resins and glass fibers. Now thermoplastic resins are also included as they are also reinforced with glass fibers and molded by injection molding in the same manner as other non reinforced thermoplastics. Hence these materials are also described as FRP.

3.      Low pressure reinforced plastics
It is the term used for parts made with polyester resins. Because they can be cured at no or very low pressures (0-50 psi since volatiles are not given off). Exotic fibers mainly used with epoxy resins include Boron, Graphite, Silicon carbide and improved glass fibers.

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