Sunday, January 8, 2017

Selection criteria and material list for FRP

1.      Reinforced parts have higher tensile strength; modulus and flexural properties and have the same or lighter weight than the conventional parts.
2.       Parts can be made in any size without the limitations imposed by the capabilities of the press.
3.      Tooling is very simple and ranges from plaster and wooden molds to simple aluminum (Al) castings or sheet metal molds.
4.      It is possible to make parts with intricate sections, undercuts, 3-dimensional curves, etc because the tooling is inexpensive. It is possible and economical to make plaster tool for every part and then destroy the tool in removing the part.
5.      The parts are in most respect equal to or superior to similar parts made with high pressure techniques. The parts also have good strength, low density and good electrical and chemical resistance like other thermoset material.
6.      The part can be erected at the building site.
7.      The repairing can be done very easily and the parts are quickly led to use.

Materials required in FRP are:
1.      Resin
2.      Reinforcements
3.      Release agents
4.      Gel coat

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