Monday, February 26, 2018


The process is identical to the flat sheet process with an addition of forming shoes in the oven stage to impart the desired corrugated configuration.
Reinforcing media like fiberglass mats, fabrics and papers can be used.
The resin impregnated system consists of an impregnating tank, doctor blade, roll coater or other type of resin metering device.
a.       The piles of reinforcement are drawn through a resin impregnating system.
b.      After impregnation a carrier sheet of cellophane or PE film is applied to each face of the web.
c.       The sandwich then passes through a set of squeeze rolls to remove excess resin and air. Here the final thickness is determined.
d.      The web is then passed through a long, tunnel oven with precisely controlled temperature zones. Here curing takes place. After curing the web emerges from the oven as a rigid sheet.
e.       The sheet is passed through the puller rolls and then it is trimmed by abrasive or diamond saws. The cellophane is stripped and the sheet is cut to length by a flying cut off saw.
f.       Sometimes the laminated decorative flat sheet is produced by a continuous method and sometimes by a translucent glazing panel and structural sheet for military and electronic application. However most of the product is used in corrugated sheet for the building industry.
Corrugated sheets are produced by hand laminating and press moulding techniques but most of the production is via continuous laminators.

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