Thursday, April 7, 2011


A Multi colour heat transfer consists of a carrier strip printed with a specific design, pattern, picture etc. in several colours. Carrier strip is thicker than that used in a Roll leaf. It is usually a craft paper or a polyester film. Exact colour registration is guaranteed in a multicoloured item because the carrier is printed with design. While with Roll leaf process, the item is to be passed through the press for each individual colour. In multi colour Hot stamper, a turn table system feeding several presses is used. Most transfers are formulated with a sizing. However, recently the ink is formulated with the same plastic as that used in the substrate. Thus the design fuses when the heat is applied. The abrasion resistance is enough to eliminate the need for a protective top coat.
Effects that can be obtained by using the Roll leaf and Heat transfers:
In laid or de-bossed effect (for Roll leaf): Here a heated metal die is used to deposit a roll leaf coating below the surface of the plastic to be decorated.
Surface coating (for both): Here a heated silastic die or roller is used to transfer the coating on a smooth or slightly textured surface.
Embossed effect (for both): It is obtained when the coating is deposited on the surface of a raised section in the plastic. It is usually applied by using a silastic die.

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