Thursday, April 7, 2011



Quality assurance project plan — a formal document describing in comprehensive detail the necessary quality assurance procedures, quality control activities, and other technical activities that need to be implemented to ensure that the results of the work performed will satisfy the stated performance or acceptance criteria. The quality control checklist is an assessment tool used for measuring the value of a product. This structured questionnaire facilitates the collection and analysis of the data necessary to determine strengths and weaknesses in work quality.
Record: A completed document that provides objective evidence of an item or process. Records may include photographs, drawings, magnetic tape, and other data recording media.

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  1. True, QA and QC have different means and roles in a business. But one thing that’s common between them is that both can help ensure that the company provides its targeted market quality products. Consumers usually see good quality products as worth their money, so it is up to the QC to ensure that the product is free of defects and the QA to ensure that the right process is employed in producing the product.

    @Rigoberto Stokes